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Car Workshop Floor Painting

Car Workshop Floor Painting

Industrial Floor Treatments (Stone) Ltd are a dedicated industrial floor painting contractor with one of our services being car workshop floor painting. We specialise in the installation of epoxy resin factory floor paint and epoxy resin and polyurethane resin screeds on new build and refurbishment projects.

We do not undertake domestic works.

We undertake floor painting in vehicle workshops, manufacturing & engineering plants, printing, paper & packaging industries, food production facilities and warehouses.

Our recommended system for use in vehicle workshops is a solvent free high build epoxy resin floor paint.

Two coats of high build epoxy resin floor paint has the same thickness as 14 coats of the leading single pack floor paint.

And of course being an epoxy resin it has far superior wearing properties and possesses excellent chemical resistance. It will not soften or blister under regular contact with petrol, oils, diesel and hydraulic fluids.


So why paint your car workshop floor?

Safety – ensuring that pedestrian walkways are clearly defined and that hazards around pits and recesses are highlighted, most commonly with black and yellow chevrons.

Box outlines with single directional hatching should be marked out at all fire exit doors to ensure they are not blocked with tools, plant or parts.

Where safety underfoot is a concern such as regular oil spillages an anti-slip finish should be considered. This is generally deemed a requirement where a slip potential will arise on a regular basis and can be anticipated.

Where an unforeseen accidental spillage occurs an anti-slip finish is generally not required subject to prompt cleaning up.

Light reflection – a painted floor with a gloss finish will reflect more light than bare concrete. This provides greater visibility in your vehicle workshop promoting safety and reducing the need for auxiliary lighting. We can restore the most eroded of floors, repair cracks and spalled joints as well as damage from years mechanical or chemical abuse.

Aesthetics – one of the primary reasons to paint any concrete floor is the vibrancy and colour that it produces.

Employee morale – clean, glossy epoxy resin flooring impacts on employee morale, customer confidence, and creates a more enjoyable workplace environment than a vehicle workshop that has dull, dirty or bare concrete floors.

Ease of cleaning – polyurethane & epoxy resin floors tend to be easier to clean. Bare concrete floors attract and hold dirt whereas a resin floor paint will provide a barrier that makes clean-up faster and easier. Painting your vehicle workshop floor will also help keep it dry and safe and reduces the cost of sweeping and scrubbing.

Protection from wear – concrete floors coated with polyurethane or epoxy resin floor paints will last longer than uncoated concrete. Vehicle traffic, particularly when combined with other factors, can wear away the cement paste in the top layer of concrete slabs and expose the aggregate. An epoxy resin floor paint will protect the concrete.


What type floor paint will give the best performance?

Our car workshop floor painting is undertaken using a high build epoxy resin floor paint. This is our preferred option with two coats having the same dry film thickness as 14 coats of ordinary single pack floor paint.

High build epoxy resin floor paints are ideally suited to areas that require an easy to clean, durable hard wearing floor coating such as vehicle workshops, bodyshops, garages and MOT bays.

High build epoxy resin floor paints are suitable for areas of regular foot traffic, rubber tyred pallet trucks, fork lift trucking and hard plastic wheeled trolleys and are available in a wide range of colours.

Painting your workshop floor protects concrete from oil and chemical spillages

Painting your vehicle workshop floor with Pumatect is a low odour application that provides a gloss, easy to clean finish.

Anti-slip finishes are available.


Workshop flooring serving the UK
We understand that busy workshops and service centres demand efficient, organised, professional looking and easy-to-clean floors. We work nationwide upgrading workshop floors and installing fast track screed in just one weekend to minimise downtime.

Contact us to help you choose from a range of workshop floor options thats right for you. Look at our gallery to see the workshop floor screeding and painting work we have done for commercial clients in the UK.

Our automotive industry flooring services include:
Fast, dust-free preparation to remove old paint and oil
Non-shrink epoxy repair systems to cracks and chipping joints
Range of seamless coating and topping system to suit all budgets
Resistant to oil, anti-freeze and grease
Anti-slip finishes to PDI bays, wash bays, valeting and ramps
Franchise and corporate colour schemes available
PVSA standard safety lining and MOT marking systems

Garage auto workshop flooring – anti-slip safety flooring
A build up of polishes and preparation chemicals creates a health and safety hazard. We recommend PDI, wash bays, ramps and valeting bays have an anti-slip aggregate incorporated into the final finish. Locally applied, we can specifically tailor it to your exact areas and with various degrees of density.

MOT bay flooring
Once we have installed your high performance resin flooring system, the MOT bay will require safety lining to meet PVSA standards. We apply a precise, specially formulated tough epoxy lining system around your MOT bays and rolling roads. These can be black and yellow chevron or safety yellow lines and cross-hatching.
For commercial HGV customers, we install inspection pit safety markings and beam setter markings. This results in a professional and safety compliant finish.

HGV bays
We understand that trailers, trucks and other heavy vehicles require durable, hard-wearing and anti-slip floors. Our flooring systems are designed to meet safety standards, providing your bay with a modern appearance.

Franchise garages
We are approved suppliers in the major marques and franchises. We have many long-term relationships with multi-franchise sites.
Body shops
Our body shop flooring is designed to overcome excessive wear, dust and paint delamination. We are committed to providing your body shops with flooring solutions that are durable and safe.

You can also choose to design the floor of your bodyshop in colours to suit your corporate ideas. Anti-slip may be considered as an option for areas that use polishes and waxes.

Independent garages
Our team of professionals can transform your garage floor into a workshop you are proud of. We have completed installations for independent garages throughout the UK. Our floor coatings can be customised to match your requirements.

With a quick turnaround time, rest assured that we can manage every single part of the workshop flooring installation process.