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Completed Floor with Two Coats High Build Epoxy Resin Floor paint

Concrete Floor Resurfacing – Pumped Screed

We were asked to design and install a flooring solution that met the need for a hard wearing surface with sufficient flatness for forklift trucks transporting heavy copper cylinders.

The existing floor, over 1,150 m2 in size, was badly damaged and had been patch repaired over many years in order to keep it in service.

Repairs had in turn broken down and been repaired again and again. Poor quality infills where ducting had been removed were in very poor condition. The floor generally was heavily pitted, cracked and damaged and had been previously painted on numerous occasions with differing types of paint.

With a planned change of use this floor was now deemed unfit for purpose.

The floor was prepared with a combination of diamond grinding and shotblasting in order to fully expose everything that lay underneath the floor paint.

Previous repairs were examined by tapping with a metal rod and ‘hollow’ patches broken out and infilled prior to priming the floor.

Over 20 tonnes  of industrial grade floor screed was used for the 1,150m² floor, creating the smooth, level surface required.

The concrete floor resurfacing self-levelling screed was applied at an average thickness of 9mm in one working day, ready for painting 48 hours later.

The floor was completed by applying a two coat high build epoxy resin floor coating system.

As our customer wanted to relocate  to the building over a holiday period we had just seven days  to survey the site, submit our tender, arrange and mobilise the project. The tight time schedule meant that we needed a proven system that would meet the company’s requirements for a floor that was high in strength, hard-wearing and would provide the level of flatness required when operating  heavily laden forklift trucks.

Having used the combination of weber 4610 Durotop floor screed and Resdev Pumatect high build epoxy resin floor coating frequently in the past with excellent results we had no hesitation in proposing this system to Kingspan Ltd.

Jonathan Stack, Kingspan’s Engineering Manager, commented on the quality of the floor. “The existing floor was simply no longer fit for purpose and we required a smooth, flat running surface suitable for both forklifts and pallet trucks.  This was not only an operational requirement but also one of safety. A good running surface helps to keep moving things and eliminates a significant health and safety issue that arises when forklifts are operating on a broken floor”.

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