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Plant Room Flooring

Plant Room Floor Painting     Flexible     Waterproof

Plant room floor painting can waterproof your floor and protect rooms and equipment below. It also protects the plant itself from airborne dust generating from the floor.

Plant room floors may be subjected to water spillages that can leak through to the rooms below via cracks, bolt holes and service protrusions in the floor.

This can cause damage to ceiling tiles, office furniture, carpets, electrical equipment, lighting and computer equipment and storage.

Standard floor paints and epoxy resin paints have very limited (if any) flexibility and will crack if there is movement within the concrete.

Pumathane HB is a high build flexible polyurethane resin floor coating with a dry film thickness equivalent to that of 12-14 coats of standard industrial floor paint.

Pumathane HB plant room floor painting is available in a plain finish or anti-slip.

It has excellent adhesion and can be ‘skimmed’ into any cracks in the floor before being applied as a floor coating.

Being elastomeric, if there are any live cracks in the floor that open and close as the plant room warms up and cools down, it will (within limits) bridge these cracks thereby retaining the integrity of the coating and the waterproofing of the floor.

The ability of any plant room floor paint to flex with live cracks is directly proportional to its thickness – the thicker the film thickness the greater the ability to move with the cracks.

High build flexible crack-bridging polyurethane floor paints are available in a wide range of colours. They have a full gloss finish that improves the lighting in a plant room where light values are often restricted by the layout of the plant.

Pumathane HB provides a tough, hard wearing waterproof floor paint with excellent crack bridging, abrasion and chemical resistance properties.


So why invest in plant room floor painting?

  • Reduces fire risk e.g. water coming into contact with electrics
  • Protects equipment such as computer and servers located below plant rooms
  • Protects plant room floor
  • Minimises the risk of water ingress into rooms underneath
  • Provides a gloss, easy to clean floor
  • Enhances light levels
  • Wide range of colours
  • Non dusting floor
  • Anti-slip finish if required